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Our company cooperates with insurance companies and offers you to insure your cargo from the moment of its shipment to the moment of its delivery to the place of destination.

What is the cargo insurance?

One of the types of property insurance, designed to protect property interests of cargo owners in case of damages caused by accidents of various kinds (insured events) in the process of cargo transportation.

Why should you insure the cargo?

The purpose of this type of insurance is to create preconditions for compulsory compensation of losses to insurant, arising during transportation due to loss of life, loss or damage of goods caused by circumstances beyond the control of insurant.

Among cargo owners there is the belief that a transport company is in any way responsible for the safety of the cargo during transportation and that in case of its loss or damage the company will assume all expenses for reimbursement. That is, the businessmen mistakenly equate the transport document and cargo insurance contract. However, this is incorrect. Certainly, a transport document is a guarantee of compensation of damages caused to the goods. However, forwarding is a subject of transport legislation (both Russian and International) and areas of responsibility of carriers are clearly regulated there. Also, the cases (Force Majeure, Acts of God) are prescribed, when transportation organization is fully released from liability.

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